A step-by-step guide

1. Choose which format of online/telephone therapy you would like to try (video conferencing, instant messaging, email, telephone).

2. Schedule your initial free therapy consultation by contacting Dr Kristine Abercrombie in a way that is comfortable and accessible to you: 

You can check out the various ways you can make contact here.

Once you have booked your initial appointment, you're automatically agreeing to Let's Talk Online Psychology Services terms and conditions.

Please note: although email therapy obviously does not have to happen at a certain time, We will still schedule a particular session time for email therapy. I will use this time to read your email, reflect and write a reply. It is therefore important that you send in your email prior to our arranged time.

3. If you decide that you want to continue online therapy you can arrange individual sessions or purchase a package of online therapy sessions, enabling you to take advantage of a discount price, in addition to committing yourself to beginning your journey into online therapy. Packages can be ordered by contacting Kristine directly either by telephone or email, whereby she will arrange appointments and send you an invoice for payment.

4. Depending on what format of therapy you have chosen you will be sent instructions on how to set up Zoom (if using videoconferencing or instant messaging therapy) or Hushmail (if using email). Clients usually find this process relatively straightforward. However, if you have any difficulties contact me for any technical support required. 

5. In order to make your experience as effective as possible you are asked to fill in an online  therapy assessment form prior to the beginning of treatment. You will be emailed a link to this form or alternatively, you can click the online therapy assessment form tab at the bottom of the webpage. You will note that basic information such as your name, address, date of birth, etc is required, in addition to some questions aimed at determining your suitability for online therapy. With regards to the remaining questions it is up to you how much detail you provide. Clients tend to find the process most helpful if they fill in as much as they feel comfortable.

Confidentiality is paramount, and you can be assured that the form used through formsite.com is secure and encrypted, ensuring all of your personal information is kept private and secure. 

6. And there you go. You are ready to begin. Please do give me a call on (07896) 150292 or email info@letstalkni.co.uk if you have any questions. I am happy to help. It is my goal to make this process as smooth as possible.