Dr. Kristine Abercrombie

 Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Kristine Abercrombie's primary endeavour as a Clinical Psychologist is to provide clients with a service tailored to meet their individual needs. This is one of the reasons Kristine decided to expand Let's Talk Psychology Service to incorporate the delivery of online and telephone therapy for people who for a variety of reasons may find it difficult to access face-to-face treatment. Is online therapy for you?

Kristine studied and worked within the field of psychology for the past 18 years. Kristine completed a BSc in Applied Psychology and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Kristine is a Chartered member of the British Psychological Society, and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.  Chartered membership reflects the highest standard of psychological knowledge and expertise. Kristine is passionate about providing an effective and easily accessible online therapy and supervision service, and is currently completing a course with the Online Therapy Institute to become a Certified Cyber Facilitator, specialising in online therapy and supervision.


Kristine specializes in providing psychological treatments to adolescents, adults and older adults, experiencing a wide range of psychological/emotional difficulties.  She assesses her clients and decides whether any particular therapy, or indeed combination of therapies, would be most likely to meet their needs. Kristine's journey in becoming a Clinical Psychologist in addition to her continuing professional development, means that she is trained and experienced in a variety of different psychological approaches. This means her knowledge of what works best for whom, and what has been proven to be effective through research, combined with her clients goals and preferred way of working, enables her to develop a  treatment plan together best suited to help them move forward.


From a personal perspective, Kristine attended therapy, and understands what the process is like from a clients perspective and how daunting the prospect can be. Many therapists choose to have therapy to not only improve their own lives but to help them better understand the therapeutic process, enabling them to be more effective therapists.  Kristine feels her own experiences of attending therapy to gain help in managing a chronic back condition and enhance her own self-awareness, has ultimately resulted in  helping others with increased insight and empathy. She is also currently having weekly psychological therapy via videoconferencing, to continue her own personal and professional development, experiencing what it is like to receive therapy via the Internet.

Let us show you how psychology can help you

The present is the only time that any of us have to be alive – to know anything – to perceive – to learn – to change – to heal
- John Kabat Zinn,

Psychology is part of all human experience, intertwined in everything you do, think and feel. A lot of the time we manage to get  through the good and bad times, using our own internal resources and support from those around us. From time to time however, we all need that extra bit of help, were somebody trained and experienced in an aspect of psychological science and talking therapy, whether that be a clinical psychologist, a psychotherapist or a counsellor, to help us process our experiences and move forward with our lives.

Click here if you would like to read about how clinical psychology differs from counselling and other types of therapists.  

Research shows that central to any therapeutic process, regardless of treatment approach, is working through your problems with an experienced professional who provides you with a containing and accepting space to be YOUR true and authentic self. This research in addition to Dr Abercrombie's wealth of clinical experience directs the values inherent in Let's Talk Online Psychology Service.

Dr Abercrombie is trained in a range of different psychological therapies and applying them to many different psychological experiences (see here). She is passionate about using this knowledge to find out which approach combination of approaches will work best for YOU.

‘To provide a containing, confidential therapeutic space, where clients feel safe and secure; enabling them to share their experiences at a pace that feels comfortable to them. Working closely with our clients to provide a tailored treatment plan to help them find their way in life, through all its twists and turns, developing the self-awareness and coping skills to continue their journey of personal growth, becoming more grounded and content’

Psychology can be used in a variety of ways to treat a range of mental health and emotional difficulties. At Let's Talk Online we deliver a range of services including:

  • Psychological therapy via Telephone/Video Chat/Email/Instant Messaging.

  • Clinical supervision to support counsellors and therapists.

  • Online seminars covering a range of mental health and self-care topics.

  • Consultation to organisations providing mental health related services.